The Miller-Rowe Consort creates more than music; they create a rich variety of listening atmospheres. When I first heard them perform in Colonial Williamsburg, I realized immediately that their brand of music was just what I was seeking for my elementary schools. As the media specialist in an exemplary elementary school in Michigan, I had set up a CD changer in the head end room and enabled each teacher to tune their television to a "music channel." When I placed "Appalachian Sky" in the CD mix, teachers around the school asked for "more of that kind of music!" The educators in my elementary schools found the music to be a wonderful combination of "soothing, contemplative, calming and energetic." The Miller-Rowe CDs also provided me with many "teachable moments" about music and history, especially since the hammered dulcimer and classical guitar have a rich heritage in America's colonial period.
Dale Van Eck, Manager of Educational Partnerships
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