Ways to Capture the Best Shots of Yourself even When Traveling With A Guitar

Travel buddies are the best people to capture your best shots during your travel getaway. But, what if you’re traveling alone? Capturing the scenic view with you in there might be very challenging. So what are you gonna do then? Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 tips as to how to capture yourself perfectly even when traveling alone.

Use a Selfie Stick

Capturing yourself using a selfie stick can definitely enhance your photo. If you’re in a beautiful place where no one else is around, you have no choice but to capture yourself with a selfie stick. You’ll never expect the photo to be that wonderful! Lots of people are hesitant to use selfie stick in public places because they’re afraid of what other people might say. The fact that some connote that using selfie stick makes you look like you’re so full of yourself. But, regardless of that, selfie stick is a really good tool to capture a beautiful travel photo. Check out this photo of me with my divorce lawyer.

selfie of me with my guitar

Activate The Camera Timer

Place your camera or phone on an even surface where it can be placed firmly. Set the timer, and start to position yourself with your desired pose in front of the cam, smile, wait for the click, and voila! The photo was taken! As simple as that. Check if it was your desired output, and you can do it again, anytime and anywhere you want.


This may sound lame, but this is a very creative way to capture the moment. If you if you really don’t have any other choice, you can shoot a short video of yourself. Save and watch it. Then just pause it and take screenshots and then save it. It may not result in the best quality picture, but if you’re an editing expert, your skills can do a miracle. Edit the screenshots and you might be surprised by the output.

Capture Your Other Body Parts Dramatically

You might be aware of the fact that when traveling alone, you can’t always capture a whole body picture of yourself. So why not capture some of your body parts? Just to show that you were actually there? How about your feet on the sand? To show that you’re on a beach. Or, a finger heart sign along the horizon? That would be very deep and beautiful. Just couple it with a dramatic edit and you’ll surely love the outcome.


Ask A Friendly Stranger Or A Fellow Traveler

This may be the easiest way of capturing the best picture of you when traveling alone. You might be surprised that some strangers can be very enthusiastic to take a photo of you! You never know, they may become your best travel buddies for a lifetime.

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