Classical Guitar and Historical Guitar Virtuosos

this is a picture of classical guitar

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is a part of the guitar family from the classical guitars. The main difference between a classical guitar and electric guitars is that the strings in classical guitars are made of nylon, whereas the strings in electric guitars are made of metal. Also, the classical guitar has twelve frets clear on the body and is held on the left leg whereas, the electric guitar has fourteen frets clear on the body and is held alongside the hip.

Classical Guitar and its Advantages Over Electric Guitar

Nowadays, classical guitar is not considered as awesome as electric guitars because of the image that electric guitars have built up for them. But there are several reasons that one should prefer classical guitars over electric guitars which will make you think over the fact that maybe the old saying is correct, Old is Gold.

1. Change your mindset.

Classical guitar is a beautiful instrument and the music that comes out of it is in its most natural form, the raw music that soothes your soul. It is widely believed by guitarists that they will be able to play only classical music by a classical guitar which is out of fashion in this era. This is a belief that has to be changed because this is not true! You can play every type of music by a classical guitar; the magic lies in your fingers. The art of making a music come out of the guitar is in your hands and you have to understand the notes behind it to make sure you get the right tone.

2. Fun has its own way!

It is a belief that the classical guitarists are very serious and they don’t know how to have fun. Well, you go check out videos of classical guitarists making the crowd dance to their music! There are ways to have fun, it is just that each instrument has its own way.

this is a picture of a classical guitar and historic guitar virtuosos and it can be fun

3. Loners? No way!

It is said that classical guitarists are loners and they can’t play alongside other people. Well, you will see a lot of them playing alone, not because they are not willing to play with other people but because they like listening to the music. They are comfortable being alone or in a gang, which by the way is a little difficult for the people playing electric guitar. Hence, does not really matter, the classical guitarists can play alongside everybody without a hitch.

4. Sore Fingertips NOT a Problem!

In electric guitars, you have metal steel strings continuously hurting your fingertips. This is mostly a problem for beginners. In classical guitar, this is not a problem since nylon strings won’t hurt your fingers half as much as steel rings. Also, in electric guitars, you have to pressurize the strings two times more than the nylon strings which also causes sore fingertips. Classical guitar definitely sounds like a good option if you don’t want your fingertips to get hurt.


Classical Guitar Virtuosos

There were some guitarists who became legends in the field of music, some are mentioned below, others cannot be forgotten though. These virtuosos took classical guitar to a different level that no one could have imagined. The charisma with which they carried the guitar hit everybody and will continue to do so until the end of time.

this is an image of classical guitar virtuosos

  • Jimi Hendrix – Mixed blues and rock with an ease that no one could match.
  • Tor Erik Schroder – Exceptionally talented
  • B. B. King – Called his guitar Lucille which sounded as real as a woman singing.
  • Keith Richards – He was a legend in the field of rock and roll.
  • Eric Clapton – He was fluent in every blues style that you could imagine.
  • Jimmy Page – His guitar used to sound as if six guitars were being played together.
  • Johnny Ramone – He was the perfect example that it is possible to play a classical guitar in a group since he hated solos more than anyone could.


Classical guitar is pretty famous with every rock star and every talented person because of its advantages which cannot be overseen. One of the main thing that should be remembered about music is that, when a musician creates a music, it’s not just for him but for the whole world. It affects the audience and then they react. Make sure you give your best, you will then get their best.

Keep playing, might change someone’s world one day! 😊

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