Knowing Classical Guitar & Its Historical Virtuosos

this is a picture of a classical guitar virtuoso

Among the many musical instruments, the guitar stands out to be among the most popular and easily accessible. The classical guitar to be precise is a member of the guitar family that is used in the classical music. In this article, a number of the greatest classical guitarists are discussed into details are discussed in details.


The famous Giovanni Paolo Foscarini was regarded as a lutenist in Italia and overseas. His three books on the Spanish guitar which were published in 1630 are best-known examples of engraved Italian guitar music.

Again, another guitarist by the name Gaspar Sanz who existed between 1640 and 1710 was highly talented in music composition besides being an organist and a priest. Having done his studies at Salamanca University, he was later appointed as professor of music. His achievements are still evident to date for he has written three volumes of tutorials about the baroque guitar that are still being used in today’s classical guitar repertory. These tutorials have helped learners understand the techniques used in playing the baroque guitar.

Robert de Visee who was multitalented as being a guitarist, lutenist, theorbo and playing the viol is also another example of the classical guitarist. De Visee, who played the viola at the court of French kings, published two books of composition which had twelve suits between them. He lived between the year 1658 and 1732.

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