Classical Guitar and Historical Guitar Virtuosos

this is a picture of classical guitar

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is a part of the guitar family from the classical guitars. The main difference between a classical guitar and electric guitars is that the strings in classical guitars are made of nylon, whereas the strings in electric guitars are made of metal. Also, the classical guitar has twelve frets clear on the body and is held on the left leg whereas, the electric guitar has fourteen frets clear on the body and is held alongside the hip.

Classical Guitar and its Advantages Over Electric Guitar

Nowadays, classical guitar is not considered as awesome as electric guitars because of the image that electric guitars have built up for them. But there are several reasons that one should prefer classical guitars over electric guitars which will make you think over the fact that maybe the old saying is correct, Old is Gold.

1. Change your mindset.

Classical guitar is a beautiful instrument and the music that comes out of it is in its most natural form, the raw music that soothes your soul. It is widely believed by guitarists that they will be able to play only classical music by a classical guitar which is out of fashion in this era. This is a belief that has to be changed because this is not true! You can play every type of music by a classical guitar; the magic lies in your fingers. The art of making a music come out of the guitar is in your hands and you have to understand the notes behind it to make sure you get the right tone.

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